Where We Are Today

Century Aluminum's subsidiaries operate a 244,000-tonne rated plant in Hawesville, Ky., the 205,000-tonne Sebree plant in Henderson, KY, a 170,000-tonne rated plant in Ravenswood, W.Va., and a 260,000-tonne rated plant in Grundartangi, Iceland. Century also owns a 49.67-percent interest in a 224,000-tonne rated plant at Mt. Holly, S.C. In addition to our primary aluminum assets, our subsidiaries own an approximately 150,000-tonne carbon anode manufacturing facility located in the Netherlands, and a 40-percent stake in Baise Haohai Carbon Co., Ltd., a carbon anode and cathode facility in China. We are constructing a primary aluminum facility in Helguvik, Iceland with an expected rated capacity of up to 360,000 mtpy. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Il. and has approximately 1,300 employees.

Where We Started

Century Aluminum was formed in 1995 by Glencore International as a holding company for its aluminum-producing assets. At the time, these assets included Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation— an integrated producer of rolled aluminum products— in Ravenswood, W.Va. and a 26.67-percent share in a 215,000-tonne aluminum reduction plant in Mt. Holly, S.C. Century became publicly owned in March 1996. Glencore remains a major shareholder of the company.

Our Growth Story

Our strategic objective is to strengthen Century's primary aluminum assets and improve our overall competitive position. To that end, we have acquired assets that have lowered operating costs and diversified our geographic presence over the course of our 17-year history.


In April 2004, Century acquired Nordural Aluminum hf, a 90,000-tonne primary aluminum plant at Grundartangi, Iceland, which has been expanded to 260,000 tonnes. Continuous improvements to safety and performance have yielded positive results year after year. For 2011, Grundartangi had record hot metal production of 280,000 tonnes. On the horizon is a five-year expansion project that we hope will enable the facility to produce 50,000 tonnes of additional capacity and enhance safety and operational efficiency.


Century acquired an 80-percent interest in its Hawesville, Ky. operations in April 2001. At the time, the remainder of the Kentucky plant was acquired by Glencore. Century purchased Glencore's 20-percent share in the Kentucky plant in 2003. We believe that Hawesville has a competitive advantage in that it currently is the only producer of high purity aluminum in North America. Today, the smelter is operating at near full capacity.

Mt. Holly

In April 2000, Century purchased a 23-percent share in the Mt. Holly, S.C. plant. We currently own a 49.67-perecent interest in the 224,000-tonne plant. Alcoa Inc. owns the remainder and is the operating partner. In 2011, the facility reached multi-year highs for total premium production, a key revenue contributor.


We are actively pursuing a new greenfield aluminum reduction project near Helguvik, Iceland, approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) from the city of Reykjavik. Construction activity remains significantly curtailed pending confirmation from power suppliers that they will be able to deliver the required power to the project.


When the company was formed by Glencore in 1995, the Ravenswood, W.V. facility was its primary aluminum-producing asset. During our ownership of the smelter, we have completed a series of initiatives to modernize the facility, improve efficiency and enrich the mix of products it is capable of producing.
In February 2009, we curtailed operations at the Ravenswood facility. In 2011, we completed a detailed analysis of work required to restart the Ravenswood smelter, and continue to work to obtain competitively priced power and negotiate an enabling labor contract to reach that goal.


Century acquired substantially all of the assets of the Sebree, Kentucky aluminum smelter from Rio Tinto Alcan in June 2013. The plant, located approximately 60 miles from the company's Hawesville smelter, employs over 500 people and has an annual production capacity of 205,000 metric tons of primary aluminum.




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